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Gmail Backup Tools – A List of Top 5 Tools to Backup Emails

Gmail Backup Tools – A List of Top 5 Tools to Backup Emails

Sep 22, 2023

Even though everything on the cloud is safe, you still need to make sure you save the data. Thus, using one of the best Gmail backup tools is a smart move.

There is a chance that your data may be lost due to any possible error.

You can backup Gmail emails and keep them in a safe place offline so that you can use them whenever needed.

Moreover, you can not access your Gmail data if you do not have an internet connection.

In such cases, you can access this offline backup and work on your projects without any disruptions. The best option to do that is to export Gmail emails to hard drive.

Now, what could be the best way to save this data than using the tool to backup Gmail?

Here, we are going to talk about the best tools available out there.

Of course, it is about your important emails, only the best are in talk.

There are billions of users who are using Gmail currently worldwide and they all have important emails.

Apart from that, Gmail provides various features to its users which is why a lot of people prefer using it.

They also prefer keeping their data safe by transferring Gmail emails to another Gmail.

So let’s get started and take a look at the criteria to follow while looking for the best tool.

Points to Consider While Choosing One of the Best Gmail Backup Tools

First of all, you need to make sure that you consider every aspect of the tool.

Go through everything that tool is offering and make sure that it delivers what it offers.

Check if the tool offers to take backup of multiple emails simultaneously, if you can download single files only, and you can also save email attachment in Gmail.

Whatever may be your need, the tool should be capable of taking a backup of the entire data.

This includes all the emails from inbox, sent items, drafts, or any folder you created.

The tool to backup Gmail should also be checked for their prices.

Also, check for the file formats in case you want to export Gmail emails to Outlook.

See how much the tool costs and if you can use it on your device i.e. its compatibility with your OS.

Do a quick research and find out about the advantages and disadvantages of the tool.

Go through their reviews, find out if they have satisfied customers and how well it works.

Let’s find the tools that can save Gmail emails as PDF.

Google Takeout – Free Option Designed Specifically for Gmail Emails

This one from the Gmail backup tools is Google’s own product, initially it was a project under Google Data Liberation Front (GDLF). But Google treats it as its own.

Learn how to save Gmail emails before deleting account and download all your data from your inbox including all the folders.

There are a bunch of features that the tool provides like:

These are a few features that make this tool to backup Gmail a feasible option.

More: Learn about the best email platforms and see how Gmail is rated.

Price: The tool is free.


  • Move your data from one platform to another
  • Make space in your Google Drive by moving the data
  • Create copies of all your settings
  • Save all the attachments like images and videos


  • Process fails sometimes and the data doesn’t download
  • File size restrictions are also faced
  • No option to filter data
  • Takes a lot of time to complete the process


After downloading the data, you can transfer Gmail email to Google Drive.

BitRecover – Paid Tool to Backup Gmail Emails

Before we get into details of this tool, let me just share that this tool is pretty expensive and starts at $29 for basic users.

If that is okay with you, let’s learn about it.

The software has various features and is a very useful tool.

It can download emails from multiple accounts at the same time providing you with a convenient option and saving your time.


Lite Version: $29

Pro Version: $49


  • Downloads data along with their attachments
  • Provides various file formats to save the data like export Gmail emails to PST
  • Gmail backup tools usually keep the folder hierarchy intact
  • Save the data in different IMAP accounts as well
  • Option to change the name of the files
  • Maintains the attributes of your emails


  • Expensive and out of budget for some users
  • Individual users cannot purchase it
  • Downloads only basic folders, not the custom ones

Compatibility: The software works on both Mac and Windows OS


If this is too expensive for you, the next tool is much more affordable and provides similar features.

SpinBackup – One of the Most Affordable Gmail Backup Tools

No need to worry about going out of budget. This tool is an affordable choice for both individual users as well as enterprises.

All the types of users can download the data on their PC without having to worry about their work domains.

Apart from your emails, you can download your contacts, drive data, shared drive data, photos, and calendars.

Now, check out the pricing plans.


SpinBackup: $3/month

SpinRDR: $5/month

SpinOne: $9/month


  • Avail the tool for free to try it first
  • Daily backups of your data can be scheduled
  • Even though it is a tool to backup Gmail, it can also recover your data
  • Search for your files in the downloaded data
  • Provides access to 100 recent versions of the data you backup


  • May not seem as cost-effective for individual accounts


Backupify – Take a Backup of Your Personal Data

With the help of this tool you can very easily take a backup of your personal data.

It’s not like you cannot use it to download your work emails, but it is a much better option for personal use.

It provides protection to both personal and professional data as per your requirement.

This one from the Gmail backup tools allows you to:

  • Accidentally or maliciously deleted data files
  • Prevent files from being deleted by unprovisioned license
  • Protect data from outages, ransomware attacks, or failed integrations by third parties

A lot of tools do not allow third party integrations, but unlike them, this software can work with them.


Basic plan: $199/user per year

Enterprise Plan: $799/user per year


  • Allows robust and automated backups
  • Automatic backups take place 3 times a day
  • Quick restoring function saving both data and time
  • Intuitive dashboard for all the users


  • Highly priced as compared to other tools


Spanning – List of Gmail Backup Tools Consisting a Convenient One

You can backup your data automatically on a regular basis at a specific time. There are additional features that allow you to control when to initiate the backup or how frequently it should take a backup.

The software includes:

  • Backup metadata automatically or on-demand
  • Customize the time of backup as per your need
  • Take backup of your emails, drive and team drive, calendars, & contacts.

This tool is also known as Google Workspace Data Protection and can take backup of your entire inbox.

Move towards the prices of this tool to backup Gmail.

Price: $48/year


  • Recover the data originally built in your Gmail account
  • Download all your data from your inbox with attachments
  • Restore the files, folders, and emails
  • Search the data you want to restore


  • Complex for non-tech users
  • Can be a little too high in prices for individual users


DropSuite – Last But Not Least Backup Tool in the List

DropSuite’s software is not only capable of saving your data to a different platform or your device, but it also protects it.

This one from the Gmail backup tools has the ability to keep your data safe from phishing attacks as well.


Backup: $3 per month

Backup & Restore: $4 per month


  • Allows taking automatic backup to keep it up-to-date
  • Provides TLS/SSL & AES-256 bit encryption
  • Has no restrictions on the storage limit
  • Recover one file or the entire data with just one click


  • New users may find it a little difficult to use


Saying the Last Words

Our emails store a lot of important information about us, our work, maybe some information about our family, etc. Thus, keeping them safe becomes important. Here is the list of a few Gmail backup tools that you can use to keep your data safe offline.

Relying on the cloud too much can also prove to be disappointing. So, it is better to always have a backup file of your data someplace safe.

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