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Stellar Photo Recovery Review – Functions & Features of Tool

Stellar Photo Recovery Review – Functions & Features of Tool

Jul 28, 2023

Searching for a review about the tool means you have lost some pictures and have found the tool but want to be sure. Well, Stellar photo recovery review is all about the features, functioning, and pricing of this software.

Nothing can beat the frustration that you get when you lose pictures. And having a tool ready to use whenever something like this happens is just helpful.

You may go on the internet looking for tools and find like hundreds of them. Now you obviously can’t try every tool or read about every tool.

So, you search for the best ones instead and check out their reviews.

But, is every review true to its nature? Not really.

That’s why, we are here with review on stellar recovery after testing it ourselves.

You will find everything that you want to know about the tool in this article including the prices.

Since the world is getting digital, working with digital files is also getting convenient.

But, with digital files comes risk of losing and that could easily be a reason to panic.

There are so many things that can go wrong, memory cards being wiped clean, corruption in HDD, and so many more reasons.

Let’s see how this tool helps you in such situations.

Stellar Photo Recovery Review – First Comes the Plans and Pricing

There is no free version available for the tool. It is a professional tool so it has a version that you can try to test how it works with a limit of recovering 1GB of files only.

With it, you can recover 10 files only.

You can get the Standard version at $49.99 but you will miss out on a lot of features still. It doesn’t work with partitions, RAID array, unbootable systems, or optical drives.

Also, you cannot recover photos or videos in batches.


As per the review on stellar recovery, more features can be unlocked with the Professional Tier plan costing at $59.99.

This comes with one year license but still doesn’t help you repair any files or support RAID./p>

There comes another plan which is the Premium Tier plan costing at $69.99 which provides you the repair features but still no support for RAID.

Lastly, the Technician plan will help you with all the features at $99.99 with the license on a year.

Features of the Software Are Explained Here

With the Stellar photo recovery review, you get a bunch of features. The most important thing in a recovery tool is that it should be able to retrieve all the files that you lost.

From the corrupted drives, or formatted drives, the data should be recovered.

The Technician Level plan brings in all the features of the tool that you can use to recover your files.


You can find a list of it’s photo-based features which are quite impressive. This is a future-proofed tool and can work with any memory card.

List of Features from Review of Stellar Recovery

The tool has the following features:

  • Work with SD, microSD cards, and every kind of memory card
  • Ability to retrieve images from drones, mirrorless cameras, action
  • Recovery from external hard drives, USB drives, SSDs, internal hard disks
  • Works with storage up to 18TB in size & professional storage solutions
  • Scans encrypted devices & tackles volumes and partitions easily
  • Pause and Resume scans as per requirement
  • Preview the images that you want to restore before the process
  • Available for Linux and Mac file systems

Few Things to Add in the Stellar Photo Recovery Review

The user interface of this tool is straightforward. You can easily select the storage volume for your files and select the scan type as well.

Plenty of applications show results in the Windows Explorer based interface style and that is the same for Stellar as well.

You can also browse the results using a search option or by the file type.

The interface is not particularly innovative yet, Stellar encounters a bunch of minor weaknesses.

Files are not always restored with the original names.

You can check out some of the other best photo recovery software.

Final Verdict

In this Stellar Photo Recovery review, we covered the plans and pricing of the software. Features that it provides to the users and if it is easy to work with or not. It has a free version which you can only use to test the abilities of this tool.

If you want to avail all the features of this tool you need to purchase the Technician level plan which is also mentioned above. The software is great but without purchasing the Premium tier plan, you will not be able to recover the images.

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