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Learn What is Web 3.0 Technology and Prepare for the Future

Learn What is Web 3.0 Technology and Prepare for the Future

Jun 27, 2023

Everybody is asking what is Web 3.0 technology and what changes are going to come.

Well, this is a popular question and we are here to answer it as easily as possible.

We all know that Web1.0 or the first website was created by Tim Berners Lee. When it first came out, the website would just have text and hyperlinks.

Clicking on the hyperlink would take you to a different page. There were no images, no videos, no flash content, or anything.

Then, Web 2.0 came wherein you could upload images, videos, etc.

Since Web 3.0 is coming, people want to know what is Web3 so they can prepare themselves for it.


The problems with Web 2.0 were starting to revolve around privacy issues. There are other issues but the major one is privacy.

Because the access to the entire data is with a specific company like Google, they can use it anytime.

Thus, people are now getting paranoid about how these could be misused and want all the control to themselves.

Hence, Web 3.0 is coming with such a technology that provides you with various features.

Let’s see what it is.

What is Web 3.0 Technology And Why is it Said to Be the Future?

It is said that Web 3.0 will be open-source software that will be used to create platform content. It will be a trustless platform as everyone will be using Zero trust and the protection will reach the edge.

Moreover, it will be possible for users, devices, and services to interact without interference from other authorities.

It will become possible for users to interact with each other with Blockchain technology. They will become a part of the DAO – Decentralized Autonomous Organization and communicate. This DAO is a group that is owned by its own community.

What is Web3 is answered simply. Any data that the user stores on this technology will be protected with a smart contract. A blockchain will store these contracts and that is a decentralized network.

Following are the forecasts:

  • All the data will be stored and tracked on a distributed ledger on the blockchain technology and the data that you transfer will be decentralized. It will not be controlled by a single organization.
  • There will be smart contracts that are open to everyone. With these, people will be relieved and will not have to rely on other organizations.
  • What is Web 3.0 technology can also be explained by blockchain technology’s ability to help people produce goods and services instantly. This means that consumers will be able to create NFT (non-fungible tokens). This will protect the personally identifiable information and intellectual property.
  • The revenue for the environment sector will be increased significantly from the metaverse.
  • Users will be able to earn profits from the data.

These are the perspectives or forecasts given out by tech experts about Web 3.0.

Now, let’s dive deeper and learn about Web 3.0 technology.

What is Web3? What Are the Traits of This Technology?

As mentioned above, Tim Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web or WWW and referred to Web 3.0 as a Semantic Web.

Moreover, it is seen as an intelligent, self-sufficient, and open internet. This internet can make AI and machine learning work so that it can analyze the content conceptually and contextually.

Some technical constraints made it difficult such as the translation of human language to machine-understandable language which is highly expensive. This technology didn’t quite work out.

A List of the Traits of Using Web 3.0 Technology

What is Web 3.0 technology? It is the Semantic Web which is basically a development in online technology enabling users to produce, connect, and share material via search and analysis.


It focuses on word understanding instead of being centered on using numbers and keywords.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are used and the result is Web 3.0. This formation is to help grow smarter and become more receptive to the demands of users.

If you pair these ideas with the NLP i.e. Natural Language Processing, the result comes out to be with a computer using NLP.

The question of what is Web3 can also be answered with the help of another trait. You can get an illustration of how the IOT (Internet of Things) can connect multiple devices and apps.

The semantic metadata has made it possible which also allows efficient exploitation of all the data available.

In addition to that, if anyone wants to access the internet at any time from anywhere without a computer or any device, they can do so.

A choice is given to the users wherein they can interact publicly or privately without any exposure to dangers via third parties and thus, provides trustless data.

Features of Web 3.0 also include using 3-D graphics. In fact, this technology is already important in virtual tours, e-commerce, and computer gaming.

Also, participating without the requirement of consent from the authoritative entity is made easier. You do not require any permission or authorization from any organization.

These are a few features or traits of Web 3.0 technology. After this, we will be taking a look at the metaverses of using Web 3.0. It is a limitless environment made virtually and is 3-D rendered.

What is Web3 and What Are the Metaverses of This Technology?

Video games using Blockchain technology are stuck with the ideals of NFT by allowing users to process the ownership of any in-game resources.

There is no proof of knowledge and the data is more secure with the technology used in this application.

Because of financial decentralization, digital transactions are peer-to-peer, and there are smart contracts available. A huge example of this use is cryptocurrency.

DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are online communities that are owned by the community.

Concluding Part

In this article, we have given the answer to what is Web3.0 technology. We have explained what this technology is, and about the technology that is used which is blockchain technology. Moreover, you can find the features of this semantic web to understand why tech experts say that it is going to change the world.

Along with that, you can also find the metaverses of this technology and learn why it is being said to be the future. Understand and gather all the knowledge you can about Web 3.0 as it is going to create a great platform for social media in the future.

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