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Restoration Review – An Overview on the Data Recovery Process

Restoration Review – An Overview on the Data Recovery Process

Aug 16, 2023

Here is the Restoration review for those who want to know if the tool is worth using. It can be difficult to choose a tool that you can use to get your data back.

Once the search begins, with so many tools listed, it is hard to choose one. Especially for those who are not tech-savvies.

Luckily, we use the best data recovery software and give an honest review here so that the users do not have to do that and get disappointed with any tool.

So, you can rely on us and get to know everything you want about such tools, like the Restoration data recovery tool.

It is already pretty depressing losing important data, and then to find a product that doesn’t help you can be annoying.

Go through this review thoroughly and check out what our point of view is for the tool.

Learn about the features, the pros and cons as per our experts, and the system specifications required to use the tool.

Get your data back within minutes.

Without further ado, let’s get into this tool and learn a bunch of things about it.

What Are the System Specifications for the Restoration Review?

Every tool has some specifications, this one has a few easy ones:

  • Category – Recovers files and provides secure deletion
  • Operating System – Windows95, Windows98, Windows2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows 7
  • Administrator Rights required
  • Does not write settings anywhere
  • Freeware License for users
  • Download a ZIP file on any folder and then extract the app.
  • Run the tool by launching Restoration.exe

These are the system specifications that you can check and use the tool accordingly.

This version of the Restoration data recovery tool is V3.2.13. There are no additional requirements for the software.


The tool has not been updated in a while though.

Now, moving on to the features of the tool.

How Many Features Does This Tool Provide for Data Recovery?

The software has a simple working procedure and there are no complex steps that you need to follow. Nor does it consist of any cryptic codes. Thankfully, the non-technical folks can use it easily.

You can make use of any of the multiple features that it provides such as:


  • Restoration review ensures that it works on many Windows versions
  • You can recovery data from the NTFS and FAT file systems & formatted drives
  • Option to scan the data by filename, size, modified data, or folder is provided
  • Search for one or more files via file name or its extension from the deleted files
  • Option to search for empty files as well (this is an optional feature)
  • It is also possible to permanently delete the data or overwrite it via the tool
  • The software has a very user-friendly interface which is easy-to-understand

Restoration Data Recovery Tool Has Many Advantages & Disadvantages

To start with it, we will first take a look at the pros:

  • The software is quite simple for users to learn
  • You get the portable version which means you can use it without having to install it
  • Doesn’t take up more space than 500kb on the disk
  • Can recover a few files at the same time
  • Searching for required files makes the work easier
  • Overwriting the data within the tool helps with saving time
  • Sorting the data as per your requirement is a big help
  • Restoration data recovery also allows you to ignore some files
  • Deselecting the Include used clusters by other files option avoids those files whose part is being used by another file and is not recoverable a 100%

Check out the disadvantages of the software:

  • It is not possible to work with the tool on Windows OS above Windows 7
  • If you are looking for a tool to recover an entire folder, not the right one for you
  • You cannot see if the files are recoverable before recovering them

Our Restoration Review – What We Think About the Tool

Since the software is free and has a portable version, there is no harm in using it. Yes, it doesn’t allow recovering an entire folder at ones.


But, if you have only a few files, you will be able recover them easily.

Moreover, the feature where it allows you to avoid the files that are already being used, or some part of them are being used, is an amazing feature.

You can make good use of this feature to save you some time by not keeping these files in the list of the files you are recovering.

The Restoration data recovery tool provides the option to search for one or multiple files for recovery. However, it doesn’t have the option to recover an entire folder which can be a problem sometimes.

You can use the tool on a USB drive, floppy disk, or a CD. The scanning procedure of this tool doesn’t take more than a few seconds.

Every scan we did measure up to seconds and didn’t go to minutes.

This is a great tool for those who are looking for a free software and want to recover a few files only.


With the end of the Restoration review, we would like to say that the tool has plethora of features to help you out. Recovering data can be a task if the data you want to recover is not recoverable anymore. Make sure that you don’t overwrite the data because if will not be recoverable after that.

However, if you want, you can overwrite or permanently delete your data using the software. It has such features that allow you to do the same. You cannot check if the files you are recovering are a 100% recoverable but you can still avoid some of the files that are already being used.

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